We’re Not Fashionistas, We’re Fashionauts

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3 min readSep 30, 2022


It’s a lucky few that get to explore a new world, and even less that also get to influence how that world looks, feels and behaves. The digital-only fashion universe is an uncharted space for self-expression where pre-existing rules don’t apply. As pioneering ‘fashionauts’ The Fabricant has a responsibility to help shape this unspoiled territory so we avoid the mistakes of the past. By going beyond the boundaries of the physical realm, the opportunities we envision to enhance the human experience couldn’t be more exciting.

OUTFIT #3 from The Fabricant’s ‘DEEP’ Collection

In an environment that makes the impossible possible, that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but the imagination, the very idea of physicality seems outdated. When clothing is always digital, never physical, pollution and waste reduction are non-topics. In this new world there’s no such thing as factories, supply chains, retail outlets or sample sizes. There are no delivery trucks to fuel, no clothes to launder and no closets to declutter. Creativity and self-expression don’t come at a cost that becomes difficult to justify. With just a click anyone can contain the entire fashion industry on their hard drive. It’s sustainable by its very nature.

Digital-only clothing presents the possibility for a completely new, more transparent fashion industry. To help advance this open and collaborative dynamic, every month The Fabricant is doing a free file drop, or FFROP, as we like to call it. FFROP #3 lands today. Like the previous two it’s free to download and features an outfit from The Fabricant’s DEEP digital fashion collection.

Co-creation and inclusivity are fundamental to the digital-only fashion sector we want to be part of. Providing the tools so everyone can curate their virtual identity is The Fabricant’s way of making it happen. Do you want to be part of a groundbreaking fashion movement? Then join us on the journey that uploads the human to its next level of existence. In this exciting new fashion dimension we’re all adventurers.

  • Piece originally posted on The Fabricant’s blog: April 1, 2019. All FFROPs are no longer available to download.



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