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4 min readFeb 8, 2022


We are thrilled to introduce The Fabricant Marketplace, the first digital fashion platform where you can trade, buy, and sell any of the NFT garments co-created in The Fabricant Studio.

In the marketplace, creators maintain full control over their items and receive royalties when items are sold.

The Fabricant Marketplace has launched with four one-of-a-kind items:

  1. Pluriform Disco Ball + Sandbox twin
  2. Pluriform Treated Craft + Sandbox twin
  3. Pluriform Treated Craft Earth + Sandbox twin

If you’re one of the OG’s who participated in Season 0 and would like to list some of your creations, head over to the marketplace and list away!

What do I need to participate in The Fabricant Marketplace?

The Fabricant Marketplace is built on the Flow blockchain and FLOW tokens are the currency for all items bought and sold. You will need a Blocto wallet where you can buy FLOW and connect to The Fabricant Marketplace. All transaction fees on Flow are very low, so you dont need to worry about gas fees when trading digital fashion NFTs.

Getting set up on The Fabricant Marketplace

In order to connect your Blocto wallet to the marketplace you will need to click ‘CONNECT WALLET’ and then confirm the transaction.

You will then be able to set up your profile:

A signature request screen will pop up. Click ‘APPROVE’ to finish setting up your profile. After your profile is complete, you will receive an access code via email which you will need for access to the marketplace.

In order to view your profile click on the address at the top right and then click ‘VIEW PROFILE’.

You will be taken to the following screen where you can initialize your wallet. You will need to approve the transaction. Note: this transaction fee is subsidized by Blocto so you will not pay any fee.

If you need to add FLOW funds, you can buy some directly using Moonpay. Click on ‘ADD FLOW’.

You will be prompted to sign in or create a Moonpay account if you have never used it before. Please note that Moonpay charges a 4.5% fee when purchasing cryptocurrency. You will receive your FLOW tokens directly to your Blocto wallet for use in the marketplace.

How to buy an item

Want to upgrade your metaverse drip? Navigate to ‘TRADE’ to browse through the epic creations available for purchase in the marketplace.

Once you have purchased the item, you can find it in your profile underneath ‘MY COLLECTION’. Please note it may take a few minutes for the item to appear here, so don’t fret if it doesn’t show up right away.

How to list an item

Ready to part with one of your pieces or ready to revamp your digital wardrobe? Choose the garment you want to sell and click ‘LIST ON MARKETPLACE’.

You can then set the price you’d like to sell it for and see the breakdown of all the royalties.

Here is a breakdown of how royalties work for primary and secondary sales on our marketplace.

From there, simply approve the transaction and voilá! the digital garment is listed on the marketplace!

For more Fabricant updates, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions or want to be part of the community convo, jump into our Discord!



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