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The Fabricant
8 min readOct 12, 2021

Decentralised. Immersive. Sustainable.

Purpose of this Paper

This paper provides a high-level overview of The Fabricant Studio, a blockchain based digital fashion platform where anybody can create, trade and wear fashion in the metaverse. This is not intended to be a deep technical white paper, but an introduction to The Fabricant vision and a call to action to all collaborators and believers in the decentralized fashion economy.


The Fabricant has been leading the digital transformation of the fashion industry since 2018. Our journey has been driven by a huge belief and commitment to redefine the fashion industry without the boundaries of physicality.

The Fabricant Mission

To lead the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination.

The Fabricant Vision

To make everyone metaverse ready, by bringing fashion to the metaverse and dressing all of its citizens in digital-only clothing by 2025.

Through The Fabricant Studio, we are redefining the fashion economy and building the most comprehensive fashion wardrobe of the metaverse. It will grow exponentially as the combined use of tools and decentralized ownership will allow for new professions and a countless number of fashion items to be created, traded and worn in the metaverse.

The Studio enables a decentralized fashion chain where every person can participate and monetize their craft. In the digital sphere, there will be AI weavers, cyber material designers, digital fashion creators, meta tailors, stylists, professional buyers, multilabel retailers or purely fashion fans. The ecosystem will grow in a decentralized manner, whereby anybody can define their role and grow their trade.

This document describes The Fabricant Studio and the new decentralized fashion economy for all emerging digital fashion creators and professionals.

The Fabricant Studio

Create. Trade. Wear. Digital Fashion in the Metaverse.

The Fabricant Studio is a digital fashion platform where anybody can create, own, wear and monetize their unique fashion.

Our aim is to enable a deeply engaging experience where everybody can play a role in the digital fashion ecosystem, having fun collaborating with other designers, fashion brands and professionals, while retaining creators’ ownership. We are aiming to disrupt the traditional norms of the fashion industry, making it possible to participate in the decentralized fashion economy.

The platform operates on the Flow sustainable blockchain, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn cryptocurrency ($FBRC). The copyright ownership and distribution of royalties among all co-creators will be established and guaranteed using NFTs, where every garment will have a unique identifier.

Garments are presented in high definition 3D visualizations, enabled by Unreal Engine. All items for sale in the marketplace are ready to wear in the metaverse.


The heart of the experience. The place where creation happens and anyone can become a fashion designer. Users can combine different raw materials, patterns and trims — uploaded by Designers and Brands — to make a new unique garment with shared authorship.


Where all creations are traded. Creators can have their own shop, run events and nurture their own community of fans, while retaining authorship royalty for life. Professional buyers can curate wardrobes, present in their multi labels stores or re-sell items in packs. Digital Stylists can curate looks and organize experiences for their own selected audience.


When buying a fashion piece, the owner will be able to wear it in different spaces in the metaverse. The cross-platform interoperability enables buyers to use their fashion pieces in partner games and metaverses.


The Fabricant Studio is an experience for the true lovers of fashion in the metaverse. Our ambition is to grow to a community of 50 million participants, creating, curating and trading 350 million fashion items by 2025.

This roadmap outlines our vision on how The Fabricant Studio will evolve in three phases. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better with the contribution of our community.

  • Phase 01. Seasons
    Seasons are invitation only events, where curated Designers and Brands drop limited edition raw materials for a selected group of Creators to mint, wear and trade unique 1/1 fashion NFTs. All participants earn $FBRC governance token and start having a voice in our decentralized fashion house.
  • Phase 02. Open Ecosystem
    All Designers and Creators can participate, open a shop and organize their own independent labels and immersive events. $FBRC will be issued as an equity token, fueling the ecosystem. The Community Fund is launched to support the growth of the digital fashion community.
  • Phase 03. Fashion Multiverse
    The Fabricant Studio turns into an immersive fashion multiverse, where all participants can profit from their trade and craft. Together we will build the largest and most exquisite wardrobe of the metaverse.

Platform Economy

We are building a new business model for the fashion industry at large, generating new revenue streams to aspiring creators, digital fashion lovers, established designers and fashion brands. Sales in the platform will generate lifetime royalty rights, with $FBRC providing immediate liquidity for the players In the ecosystem.

The Roles

We expect a wide variety of audiences to enjoy The Fabricant Studio experience and marketplace. The three key roles at start of the platform are the following:

  • Designers and Brands: they are established brands/ professionals who believe in the decentralized fashion future, are excited about co-creation and further building their brand in the metaverse.
  • Co-Creators: aspiring designers and fashion fans whose motivation is to create their own limited-edition items, establish their branding and monetize their craft.
  • Buyers: They are likely to be active in the metaverse wanting to express a unique identity for social recognition. They want to buy, wear, curate and monetize a limited-edition digital wardrobe. Super buyers will have their own stylist status celebrated in the platform, where they can display their wardrobes and make their garments and bundles available for bidding on the secondary market.


A key driver of value within The Studio is $FBRC — the monetary reward system delivered via well-balanced economics, supported by both the platform and blockchain mechanics. $FBRC is the fuel of the economy, enabling the decentralized fashion house to operate (DAO voting system) as well as monetary value to be created.

$FBRC is the governance token, used at each level of the governance, representing financial stake, voting power in the DAO and control of the Treasury. A portion of $FBRC will be available for public offer purchase through various stages of the platform development.

Governance Token

Anyone who sells or buys digital fashion NFTs will earn $FBRC tokens. The distribution of tokens will also take place to reward users performing tasks or stimulating the growth of the community. Ownership of $FBRC will allow for influencing decision making of The Fabricant Studio development roadmap, platform economics, events schedules and peer invitations. The decentralized governance will enhance the community engagement and overall project support.

Platform Currency

At launch, The Fabricant Studio marketplace accepts Flow tokens. Shortly after, other crypto tokens and fiat payment will be included.

Technology Tools & Partners

Technology Tools

We have based the technology roadmap for The Fabricant Studio on two major pillars: Flow blockchain and Unreal Engine.

Flow is the blockchain technology developed by Dapper Labs, the company behind the success of NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. Flow is a high-scalable, secure, sustainable, developer-friendly solution designed for a new generation of dapps and games in mind.

Unreal Engine is the leading realtime 3D creation platform, where all the NFTs minted in The Fabricant Studio and all the Fashion Shows will be rendered. Ultimately, The Fabricant Studio will be an interactive experience built on Unreal Engine.

Utility Partners

Creators will be able to assign utility to their NFTs. The translation and integration of the NFTs in the different partner metaverses will be performed by The Fabricant in collaboration with the Utility partners. Current utility partners are Sandbox, ReadyPlayerMe, Unreal Engine Marketplace.

We will continue to grow our utility partnerships to enable anyone to wear digital fashion in the metaverse.

Long Term Vision

“We buy fashion for two reasons: to protect our bodies and express our identities. When our identities live in the digital realm, why would we need physical fashion to exist?” Amber Slooten, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Fabricant

We are building a future that is essential for our digital realities. As we live more and more digitally immersive lives, our digital fashion wardrobes will become a cherished part of our possessions. We will be able to express our identities without the limitations of physicality or preconceived notions of truth.

We will augment our personalities with digital garments, which can be changed multiple times per day. We will monetize our possessions, sell our creations and participate in the fashion economy while having fun curating our wardrobes.

Currently, there are already more Avatars than clothes in the digital sphere. We are creating the most comprehensive fashion wardrobe through a decentralized model, which will allow for exponential growth of fashion items in the metaverse.


Through the utilization of blockchain technology and 3D realtime engine, we are creating a fashion world that is decentralized, immersive and sustainable.

The Fabricant studio provides easy to use tools and services to enable a new generation of fashion professionals to exist. In this new fashion ecosystem, we can all participate and explore our identities in the digital realm with no limitations.

To bring all these enabling technologies together presents a unique opportunity for the future of fashion, video games, entertainment creating a new decentralized economy where new experiences, monetization opportunities and social networks will emerge.



The Fabricant

Digital Fashion House, wasting nothing but data and exploiting nothing but imagination