How to Access Season 1

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6 min readFeb 1, 2022

Season 1 will be launching soon and we wanted to make sure everyone will be ready-to-go when our minting window opens!

Getting Started

In order to start creating you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Set up or connect your Blocto Wallet
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Enter your Access Code
  4. Initialize your Wallet

To ensure a smooth process we want first open up the platform for people to confirm their access and work through any connection issues. Then we will open up the season for initializing your wallet to start minting the following week.

Before the Season Opens

  1. Set up or connect your Flow address via Blocto

We have built our platform using Flow blockchain and you will need a flow wallet in order to interact with our platform for creation or trading.

Blocto is our wallet provider that supports FLOW and the setup is very easy:

  • Visit the site and click CONNECT WALLET in the top nav. If you don’t already have a wallet, it will prompt you to complete the setup.
  • Download the Blocto app on your phone and access your Flow address

2. Complete your Profile

Once you have connected your wallet you will be prompted to complete your profile with a Username and asked about receiving emails from us about the Seasons and drops.

This will also trigger a Blocto pop up with a signature request so that we can confirm your wallet ID and user profile in our DB matches. This is not a transaction and you will not be charged a fee.

3. Initialize your Wallet

Once you have confirmed you have valid access you will have to initialize your wallet to interact with our season 01 smart contract. Go to your profile and click INITIALIZE.

You again will trigger a Blocto pop up prompting you to reject or approve the transaction. Even though this is a transaction, you will not be charged for this as the fee cost is subsidized by Blocto.

When you have initialized your profile will be updated with an initialized checkmark.

4. Enter your access Code

Once you have completed the steps above click on CREATE in the main nav or via the Seasons page and you will trigger the Access Code pop up.

When you enter the code you will be presented with a Blocto pop up to authorize. Please note this does not charge you a transaction fee but is a sign request.

If validated, you will then be able to access the Creation tool when minting is open.

We will store your Access Code against your profile so we know to give you access anytime you come back to the site, during the Season 1 minting period. You will not be asked for your access code the next time you connect.

When the Season opens you will be able to start minting if you have validated your access.

If your access code is incorrect or has already been used and this does not seem right to you please contact us at

How to get an Access Code for Season 01?

Season 01 is invite only so you will need an Access Code to get in and to co-create your digital fashion NFTs.

Access Codes

  • Unique Access Codes will be distributed to Whitelisted participants via email or DM
  • Access Codes are unique 16 digital strings that you will have to enter on the site before you can get access to the Creator tool
  • Once you have entered a valid Code, you will be added to our database and you will be able to mint 2 complimentary NFTs
  • When you validate you Access Code you will be asked to authorize it via a Blocto wallet pop up.
  • Please note that access codes can only be used one per wallet

Where can you get Access Codes

Below are all the ways you can get an Access Code for Season 01

  1. You signed up for Season 1 at

If you have signed up to our site before November 2021 you will be on our whitelist and you will receive the access code shortly before the Season opens

2. You are following one of our Collaborators

Each of our Creators — material and garment designers — will be given 100 access codes each to give away as they please. Follow them on their socials. Here is a link to all our collaborators:

Garment Creators

Material Creators

3. You received a Starly Mystery Box with The Fabricant NFT

  • If you participated in the mystery box as part of Flow Fest and received one of these 2 NFTs then you will get access to Season 01
  • When you connect your wallet, if you are the current holder of an NFT you will be prompted to authorize it for access to Season 01
  • You only need 1 NFT to get access
  • If you have more than one you can sell it on the Starly marketplace or gift it to a friend
  • Once you have redeemed it for minting access it can not be used again for minting

4. You participated in Season 0

If you participated in Season 0 you will get access to mint 2 items in Season 01. All you need to do is connect your wallet and we’ll automatically detect that you were a part of season 0.

5. You signed up at Miami DCentralCon

If you were at Dcentralcon Miami 2021 and signed up via our booth for an NFT you will get an access code to mint 2 items in Season 01. We will be emailing you the details but if you have not heard from us please reach out to

6. You got lucky following The Fabricant

You were part of one of our Twitter or Discord giveaways and got whitelisted

If you’re not sure if you will be receiving an Access Code please contact our team on Discord help-desk and share your details so we can confirm your status.



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