Are You Ready To Become A Digi-Sapien?

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3 min readSep 30, 2022


Identity, self-expression, fantasy, creativity — they’re at the core of what it means to be human.

As a digital fashion house designing clothing that is always digital, never physical, it could seem as if what we do comes from a purely technical perspective. While it’s true that The Fabricant always strives to produce ‘better than reality’ digital-only fashion garments, during the design and ideation process, human needs and wants form the basis of our thinking.

How can we be a catalyst to greater personal expression? What should we do to elevate emotional connection? Where can we push boundaries to open up a new space to dream and create? These are the questions that inform our work.

They’re ideals that frequently get left behind in the current fashion dynamic. The Fabricant is dedicating its energies towards creating a new fashion industry — the digital-only fashion sector — one that is collaborative, creative and playful, that returns to the heart of what fashion can be.

OUTFIT #2 from The Fabricant’s ‘DEEP’ Collection

Our desire to be part of a new, more open and transparent fashion world is why every month we’re doing a free file drop, or FFROP, as we like to call it. Each FFROP features an outfit from the DEEP digital fashion collection, the world’s first fashion design collaboration between a human and a computer (the human designer is The Fabricant’s creative director Amber Jae Slooten).

Allowing our files to be downloaded and used for free is our way of committing to the digital fashion world we’d like to create. FFROP #1 from last month is still available. FFROP #2, which lands today, is also free for anyone to download.

As The Fabricant sees it, consumers aren’t mere passive observers of our work but co-collaborators inspiring us towards more meaningful creativity. Their imagination when they use our files of digital-only clothing is another step towards everyone being able to fully express their virtual identity in the way they choose.

What we wear and how we wear it has long been the way humanity has projected itself on to the world. By transplanting that instinct into the digital space we open up an arena of endless creative possibility, where the inner self and its outward expression can meet beyond the limitations of the physical realm.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that defines how we express our virtual identities? Are you ready to join The Fabricant in the movement that uploads the human to its next level of existence? We’re ready whenever you are.

  • Piece originally posted on The Fabricant’s blog: February 25, 2019. All FFROPs are no longer available to download.



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